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   The current manager is reveling in people who have a private life with someone who is alive. To clean the middle of living we clean, to be wicked and to be without care - the first and foremost. The Skywell electric buses are unmaintainable and comfortable, clean and comfortable - an indispensable tool for the most expensive roads in the current metropolitan area.
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Electro-technical laboratory

Replacing the Chinese GB/t charging port with CHAdeMO.
we invite you for testing!

The design bureau of BIO Auto has developed a functional board for adapting GB/t to CHAdeMO standards for Chinese-made electric vehicles.
On its basis, the modernization of an electric vehicle can be carried out, bringing it to operating conditions in Ukraine and Europe.
Replacing the Chinese charging port GB/t with CHAdeMO takes several days, Socket CHAdeMO takes the place of the regular one.
Before replacing the connector, each electric vehicle is tested on charging complexes with a capacity of 50 - 75 kW.
You can arrange testing by phone +38 050 3516355.

GB/t to CHAdeMO adapter
 Fully autonomous device works with charging stations of Ukrainian operators.
The adapter is rated for 125 amperes at 600 volts. Suitable for charging an electric vehicle from charging systems up to 75 kW.
The adapter is securely fixed in the electric vehicle socket on one side and the charging station connector on the other. There is no point in guarding the car, the GB/t security system will prevent unauthorized access.
Weighing 2 kg. It is quite easy to use and does not take up space.

1 Plug GB/t, socket CHAdeMO;
2 Permissible current 125 Amperes;
3 Voltage 600 Volts;
4 Overall dimensions: 490 x 250 x 320 mm;
5 Weight 2 kg.

You can test and order the adapter by phone +38 050 3516355.

Replacing the Combo1 electric connectors with Combo2.


                 We are replacing American Combo1 connectors with the European Combo2 connector, which allows you to forget about using the adapter and charge the electric car at common Ukrainian and European charging stations directly. Usually the replacement is appropriate for Volkswagen e-Golf, BMW i3, Chevrolet Volt. We also diagnose breakage and repair other connectors. The replacement period is 2-5 business days.               


Assembling 12 - 24V mooring batteries.


                 We collect batteries from lithium cells for boat motors 12v and 24v, due to the capacity, weighing up to 10kg. The batteries are housed in a silicone waterproof case, equipped with a charge and discharge monitoring system, overheating and short circuit protection. They are equipped with convenient isolated terminals for connection. They can be separately equipped with a charger for 220 and 380 volts.               


Manufacture of extension cords and adapters.


                 We collect extensions and adapters for charging electric vehicles at Ukrainian and European DC and AC charging stations. Options are: Combo1 - Combo2, Combo2 - Combo2, CHAdeMO - CHAdeMO, CCS1 - CCS2, CCS2 - CCS2, Type1 - Type2, Type2 - Type2.               


Charger diagnostics and repair.


                 Troubleshooting and repair of AC chargers. We replace the connectors, plugs and cables.               


Diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of DC and AC charging stations.


                                We carry out periodic maintenance, modernization, fault diagnosis and repair of fast charging stations for electric vehicles. Replacing cables and connectors is our job too.               


Designing, assembling, and installing DC charging stations.


                 We design and assemble DC power plants up to 180 kW. Possible designs for independent simultaneous charging of 2 - 4 electric vehicles of CHAdeMO, CCS2, Combo2 standards with dynamic power distribution. We make mobile models of low power of 30 and 60 kW. that they love using taxis and service stations.               


Replacing Chargers for Electric Vehicles.


                                We are replacing the connectors of regular chargers for electric vehicles to be able to use them from the 220v - 380v network and at charging stations of Ukrainian and European brands.               


Battery assembly for electric vehicles.


                 We collect rechargeable batteries from new lithium cells or customer elements. Before assembly, each item undergoes a compulsory diagnosis at a specialized test bench. Assemblies are packed in a silicone waterproof case. The assemblies can be mounted in an electric car and connected to our service station.               


Battery diagnostics for electric vehicles.


                                We dismantle, diagnose, replace the cells and mount the batteries in the electric car. Diagnosis is performed at a specialized test bench. After replacing the weak cells, the total battery capacity is leveled and the efficiency is increased to 90%.               



We conduct pre-sales training for electric vehicles.


                                We will clean up your electric car before sale or carry out comprehensive maintenance on our hundred.
We test, paint, repair mechanical, electrical and electronic parts. Replace the batteries.             


We design, collect and install home electricity storage.


                 We perform the work on the calculation, assembly and installation of electricity storage in private homes.               


Electric Vehicle Supplies


We sell chargers, extenders, and adapters for electric vehicles.


                                We sell adapted models of extension cords and portable chargers for charging electric vehicles with AC power.             


We sell accessories for assembling and replacing connectors and sockets.


                 There are always connectors and sockets CHAdeMO, CCS2, Combo2 16A -32A-63A-125A, cable, terminals and sleeves for clamping wires, contacts of connectors and sockets, resistors for connectors, insulation sleeve and shrink sleeve.               





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