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   The current manager is reveling in people who have a private life with someone who is alive. To clean the middle of living we clean, to be wicked and to be without care - the first and foremost. The Skywell electric buses are unmaintainable and comfortable, clean and comfortable - an indispensable tool for the most expensive roads in the current metropolitan area.
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we invite you for testing!

The BIO Auto design bureau has developed a functional board for adapting GB/t to CHAdeMO standards for Chinese-made electric vehicles.
The offer of the Chinese electrical industry is enormous. In addition to traditional passenger cars, there are decent models of commercial freight and passenger vehicles on the trading floors. These are cargo mini and minibuses, refrigerators, utility vehicles, passenger transport. The only barrier to operation in Ukraine was the standard for AC and DC ports.
Yes, it remained, now there is NO BARRIER!
Charging test of three domestic operators confirms its compatibility and functionality.

Unique GB/t to CHAdeMO adapter
 Cross Ukraine with one stop to recharge!
The adapter is securely fixed in the socket of the electric vehicle on one side and the connector of the charging station on the other. There is no point in guarding the car, the GB/t security system will prevent unauthorized access.
With an adapter power of 75 kW, charging your electric vehicle to a "full tank" takes half an hour. And this time for one cup of coffee.
And the most important thing: pass the adapter to your friends or rent it out, it will work with all electric vehicles, with all stations and in any weather.

1 Plug GB/t, socket CHAdeMO;
2 Permissible current 125 Amperes;
3 Voltage 600 Volts;
4 Overall dimensions: 490 x 250 x 320 mm;
5 Weight 2 kg.

You can test and order the adapter by phone +38 050 3516355.

Replacing the GB/t charging port with CHAdeMO
And "Cross Ukraine with one stop to recharge!" made possible by completely replacing the Chinese fast charging port.
Let's consider this possibility.
Socket CHAdeMO replaces the standard port, and the upgrade itself takes several days. Compatibility is tested on charging systems with a power of 50 - 75 kW. Charging to a "full tank" "takes the same half an hour.
And this is just one forced stop on the way.

1 Socket CHAdeMO;
2 Permissible current 125 Amperes;
3 Voltage 600 Volts;
4 Overall dimensions: 100 x 120 x 320 mm;

You can arrange testing by phone +38 050 3516355.


 The era of the future is coming rapidly. Electric communal transport becomes a mandatory attribute of the metropolis. Already, routes operated by electric buses have shown the ease of operation and economic feasibility of expanding such systems. With Skywell's new electric bus models, the possibility of increasing passenger traffic by one and a half times at the same cost of maintaining infrastructure has been added to the obvious advantages.

BIO, Skywell's official representative, offers several models of Skywell electric buses for use on Ukrainian routes. You have already had the opportunity to get acquainted with them in our presentations. If not, upon separate request to we will send you complete information and answer questions. The electric buses received certificates of conformity and passed test tests on the roads of Ukraine, including in winter.

Модель NJL6129BEV.
 Standard city bus for high-load routes. Its dimensions and maneuverability make it easy to adapt to the dense urban traffic that reflects the number of passengers carried. The electric bus is equipped with air conditioning and heating. The driver's seat is comfortable and comfortable, with good viewing thanks to mirrors and camcorders. One charge is enough for two shifts per work day.   
1 overall dimensions: 11990x2550x3222;   
2 Number of beds: 70/28;   
3 mileage on a single charge 300 km.

Модель NJL6859BEV.
 Powerful, fast and maneuverable electric bus for routes with standard passenger traffic. Pretty comfortable interior is made of durable, vandal-resistant materials. It has conveniently located passenger seats, climate control and low floor. One full charge of the van is designed for two working shifts.   
1 overall dimensions: 8490x2460x3120;   
2 Number of beds: 50/19;   
3 mileage on a single charge 300 km.

Services for owners of electric vehicles

Our service station carries out prompt repair and maintenance of electric vehicles.

  • Diagnosis of running and electrical circuits.
  • Repairing or replacing units and assemblies.
  • Fine straightening and painting.


Electrical Laboratory

Carries out diagnostics, modernization and repair of electronics.

 We are promptly replacing Combo1 connectors with Combo2, as well as replacing American-style turn signals with European standard lights.
 Detect the malfunctions of controllers and BMS. We carry out selection, repair and replacement of components.
 At a special stand we diagnose the residual capacity of the rechargeable batteries.   
 We collect battery assemblies for electric vehicles of any capacity from our customer's cells or cells.   
 We also assemble batteries for electric motors of boats and yachts.
And high-capacity electricity storage for private homes and cottages.



We are always ready to offer a number of essential products for your electric vehicle.

16A - 32A AC Chargers.
Wall Chargers.
Adapters and extenders for charging.
CHAdeMO, CCS2 and Combo2 connectors. etc.


Design Bureau.

DC Fast Charging Stations.

 To date, 4 models of DC charging stations have been developed and tested. These are the same long-awaited stations that can charge modern electric vehicles to a "full tank" in 40 minutes. It is these stations that are being installed extensively throughout Europe. As developers, we can design, assemble, and subsequently upgrade completely different design configurations.

Model SW112 and SW150

 It is the most powerful and functional station for commercial use. SW series charging stations are specially designed for ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles. They can charge electric vehicles in a very short time. High power of charging stations SW 112 and SW 150 enables fast charging of electric cars and buses. These charging stations provide the ability to gradually reduce the charging current at the end of the charging process.                 

              Technical characteristics of the station:                  
1 Voltage range 20-750 V   
2 The maximum current is 200A   
3 Maximum power 112 - 150 kW   
4 DC Connectors CCS, CHAdeMO, GB / T (optional)   
5 AC Connector Type 2 (Optional)

Model GC55 & GC75
 Station for simultaneous charging of 2-4 units of municipal electric transport. It has only the necessary functions implemented, it is easy to use by unprepared staff.               
               Technical characteristics of the station:                 
1 Voltage range 20-750 V   
2 The maximum current is 100A   
3 Maximum power 55 - 75 kW   
4 DC Connectors CCS, CHAdeMO, GB / T (optional)   
5 AC Connector Type 2 (Optional)

Model "Mini" 30 кВт. & "Service station" on 60 кВт.
 A portable, mobile device for use in taxi and service stations. Allows you to charge an electric car from an AC three-phase network. Included is an extension cord, an adapter for Type2 connectors that comes with commercial AC chargers and a standard 380 volt plug.               
              Technical characteristics of the station:                    
1 Voltage range 20-750V   
2 The maximum current is 50-100A   
3 Maximum power is 60 kW   
4 DC Connectors CCS, CHAdeMO, GB / T   
5 Connection to Type2 network and 380 volt plug.   


               We custom design, upgrade, assemble and install stations.


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