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   The current manager is reveling in people who have a private life with someone who is alive. To clean the middle of living we clean, to be wicked and to be without care - the first and foremost. The Skywell electric buses are unmaintainable and comfortable, clean and comfortable - an indispensable tool for the most expensive roads in the current metropolitan area.
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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Question: Electric cars use a three-phase DC motor. How can that be?


The BIO AUTO electric motor has three winding loops. The special device - the controller, supplies direct current to them in turn. The resulting magnetic field affects the rotor in 3 phases, in each of the 120 degree sectors. This results in a smoother torque. The larger the contours, the more evenly distributed is the influence of the magnetic field on the rotor. You can see a diagram of this type of engine in this video:

We ask you to ask questions regarding the principles of operation, construction or operation of electric transport, as well as the development of urban infrastructure at Our experts will provide a comprehensive answer.

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